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    • Noritake 4-Piece Colorwave Rim Collection Place Setting, Apple Green
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      Noritake’s Colorwave Rim 4-piece place setting in apple green offers you a delicate pearl green rim that is reminiscent of the granny smith apple. A matching splash of earthy-colored, matte-textured apple green enfolds the exterior of both the cup and the bowl. Although sage is the ultimate fall herb, this stoneware set looks great with [...]
    • Noritake Colorvara Collection Modern Design Stoneware 4-Piece Place Setting, Green
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      For stoneware that expresses a beautiful green playground, choose Noritake’s Colorvara Collection Modern Design 4-piece place setting in green. Noritake makes a bold statement with this stoneware by painting the entire dinner plate and salad plate in a soft, succulent green. A tiny off-white curved strip frames the rim of the entire dinner plate and [...]
    • Noritake Colorwave 4-Piece Place Setting, Rim Shape, Stoneware Set (Plum)
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      Deep purple with miniscule grey flecks that lend a sight iridescent quality to it adorns the Noritake Colorwave 4-piece plum rim shape place setting. This Colorwave stoneware is a treat for any table. Purple has long been known as the color of royalty, magic and mystery, so invite the Queen of Whatever, your favorite magician, [...]
    • Noritake Colorwave Blue Collection 4-Piece Place Setting
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      Bold and daring, this Noritake Colorwave 4-piece place setting in blue adds a striking splash of color to your dinner table that will charm your guests. The color of the sea and sky, blue is associated with trust, confidence, and wisdom. Considered beneficial to both mind and body, blue offers a vibrant accent as it [...]
    • Noritake Colorwave Dinnerware Collection 4-Piece Square Place Setting in Plum
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      Plum’s subtle mix of red and blue highlight the delicate, narrow rim of the avant garde square plates of this Noritake Colorwave 4-piece place setting. The glossy, creamy white interior of the dinner plate and the salad plate invite an elegant dining experience as you pair it with other Noritake Colorwave pieces.   Plum hints [...]
    • Noritake Colorwave Graphite - 16 Piece Set Square Place Setting by Noritake
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      Graphite is a mineral with a multitude of uses, and you will find this 16-piece Noritake Colorwave Graphite set of stoneware also has lots of exciting uses. With its matte-black finish on the sides of the coffee cups, the soup bowls and the bottoms of the plates and its creamy white, glossy interiors, this set [...]
    • Noritake Colorwave Green 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4
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      Embrace your love of all things green and wonderful as you serve your family or guests a delicious meal on  Noritake Colorwave Green 16-piece dinnerware set. The subtle sage-colored green matte-textured rim boldly encircles both the dinner plates and the salad plates and curves down beneath the plates to carry out the theme. While the [...]
    • Noritake Colorwave Terra Cotta 4-Piece Place Setting, Coupe Shape
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      The rich earth tones of Noritake’s Colorwave Terra Cotta 4-piece coupe-shaped place setting invoke a feeling of being transported.  You are on one of Europe’s most celebrated medieval squares in Siena Tuscany, Italy staring at the Piazza del Campo. Known for its exquisite beauty and artistic architecture, the Piazza del Campo and its buildings were [...]